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Transparent Structural Materials - Glass and Plastic

Short description:

The use of glass and transparent plastic material in modern architecture continues to gain in importance. To combine architectural and structural demands they can be used as structural elements. Therefore it is very important to know the detailed mechanical behaviour of the materials and to explore appropriate joining technologies. Based on this knowledge architectural planning and structural design can be merged. Composite elements and hybrid structures that consist of transparent and conventional building materials can also play an important role in the design of architectural structures.
The design parameters and methods for the successful use of transparent thermoplastics and glass can be presented in this Mini Symposium as well as their connections and detailing. The presentation scan also includes life cycle and safety considerations.

Session 1 - Glass:

Structural transparency / J.-D. Wörner, J. Stahl & C. Eckhardt

Bent architectural glasses: production, properties, structural behaviour / J. Schneider & S. Schula

Detailing with structural glass and steel / J. Kooymans

Shear behaviour of point fixed glass panels used for building stabilization / D. Mocibob, M. Crisinel& J.P. Lebet

Concept, testing and realisation of transparent and sustainable glass double layer grids / B. Weller, S. Reich & J. Ebert

Elastic strain energy and failure behaviour of glass elements / F. Bos

Two spectacular facades with corrugated glass in Porto and Antwerp and an all glass cube in Haarlem (NL) / R. Nijsse

Session 2 - Plastic:

Transparent glass-Vierendeel roof / B. Weller, S. Reich & J. Ebert

Fly bubble, fly / B. Franken

Plastic materials in façade applications / T. Ries

Detailing of structural elements with thermoplastics / C. Eckhardt& J. Stahl

Plexiglas spatial experiment – 90 years of the Bauhaus / T. Boettger

Innovations in PMMA design / J. Stahl & C. Eckhardt

Session 3 - Hybrids:

Damages in Glass/Plastic- and Hybridstructures and respective Conclusions / J. D. Wörner

High-performance laminated glass for structural efficient glazing / I. Stelzer

Scaling up SentryGlas-laminated reinforced glass beams / P.C. Louter, J. Belis& F.A. Veer

Hybrid structural elements made of glass and polycarbonate / B. Weller & K. Härth

Adhesively bonded hybrid steel-glass beams / M. Netusil& M. Eliasova

Development of a super slim façade system for in Holland Polytechnic, Delft / M. Eekhout & P. van de Rotten

Coordinated by:

  Johann-Dietrich Wörner

  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. h.c. mult
  University of Darmstadt
  German Aerospace Center,

Konrad Bergmeister

  Dr.phil. University of Natural
  Resources and Applied Life
  Sciences, Vienna, Austria

 Jens Schneider

 Prof. Dr-Ing.
 University of Darmstadt

21st JUly 2010

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